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Chinese input server in X11
This package contains the XCIN Chinese input server, to be used with
Chinese Rxvt (provided in the rxvt-ml package) for the X Window System.
It supports both Big5 (traditional Chinese) and GB (simplified Chinese)
character sets.
Currently, the Debian xcin package use the 12x24, taipei24 (zh_TW.Big5)
and hanzigb24st (zh_CN.GB2312) fonts, although other fonts may be used.
There is also limited support for the new zh_CN.GBK and zh_HK.Big5-HKSCS
locales. More fonts and input methods will be available for Debian
in the future.
Home Page: http://xcin.linux.org.tw/
Authors: Edward Der-Hua Liu, Taiwan
Suei-Jeng Wang
Tung-Han Hsieh
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